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D-ALPG Bye bye Air Berlin - nice to saw these 3 A330 in one picture :-( (mehr von D-ALPG)
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G-CIVR Flight BA284 to LHR waiting for takeoff clearance on runway 28L and flight BA287 (G-XLEK) from LHR is about to land on runway 28R. (mehr von G-CIVR)
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F-WWSN Ex.: JA-380B Skymark Airlines (Not taken up) (mehr von F-WWSN)
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D-ABNW Last Call Air Berlin... Flight BER4EVR arrived from MUC at TXL... (mehr von D-ABNW)
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D-ABDK Farewell for last ever scheduled departure of Air Berlin from DUS. Flight AB6049 to MUC. (mehr von D-ABDK)
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SU-BQM Ferried SAW-CAI 01. Jun 2016 on delivery (mehr von SU-BQM)
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A7-BCR cleared to line up runway 08 in WDH on board of a Qatar B788 to DOH. You can see quite a busy apron in WDH these days, beside our QR 788 you can see one of SW�s 330, 3 of 4 319 and 2 of 4 135 as well as an Airlink 190 to St. Helena, KLM A330 and Condor 767. Due to arrive within next hour ET 788 & DT 773. (mehr von A7-BCR)
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D-AXGG Newest fleet addition arrived yesterday from MLA via TUN! (mehr von D-AXGG)
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VH-ZNA Historic day: The first Qantas B787-9, VN-ZNA arrives in Sydney on its delivery flight from Everett, this momentous aircraft enabling Qantas to serve London non stop for the first time from Australia. (mehr von VH-ZNA)
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TF-FIR Today was the inaugural flight of Icelandair to TXL! It was great to see the watersalute of the Berlin Airport fire brigade and the "80years of aviation" special livery. (mehr von TF-FIR)
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D-ABNW Air Berlin and airport employees lined up to say goodbye (mehr von D-ABNW)
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B-3321 new reg to database, also first picture of an ARJ21 in pax service (mehr von B-3321)
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CS-TQW What an amazing new special livery from HiFly. With the sponsorship of Volvo Ocean Race, the Mirpuri Fondation, shows in this very importante message in this A330, keep the oceans clean!!! Great initiative from them. The livery is black on one side to show up the poluted oceans and blue on the other present the clean waters. (mehr von CS-TQW)
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F-WWAI laminar-flow "BLADE" test demonstrator aircraft (mehr von F-WWAI)