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A6-RRC First Airbus 319 for Rotana Jet. Used for flights from AUH to Sri Lanka. (mehr von A6-RRC)
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A6-EHC Starting up the engines for a mega long haul flight to south america! (mehr von A6-EHC)
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HZ-AS17 Great evening light for "Saudi 572" arriving from Jeddah. (mehr von HZ-AS17)
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A7-CJB Last light for QTR1050 having just arrived on 31R from Doha. (mehr von A7-CJB)
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B-18721 Next stop: Luxembourg. The daily China-Frighter from Hanoi leaves for another cargo-mission into europe. (mehr von B-18721)
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A6-EYA Another foreigner flying under UAE-reg. Kuala Lumpur calling! (mehr von A6-EYA)
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A6-EYZ Taxiing for take-off, destined for Amman. Yankee Zulu usually operates between Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong respectively Victoria (SEZ) but occasionally operating flights within the middle east as well. (mehr von A6-EYZ)
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D-AEAB Just came into land from Karachi, Pakistan. First photograph in database. Ex.: A6-HAZ (mehr von D-AEAB)
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N476MC Operating some Chennai rotations for Etihad Cargo. (mehr von N476MC)
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A6-ETH Arriving very late after technical failure at Abu Dhabi Airport. (mehr von A6-ETH)
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Overflying Abu Dhabi International Airport onboard a Rotana-Jet flight to Dubai, DXB. As you can see runway 13R/31L is currently closed for runway works.
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VH-VPD Daily connection to Sydney. Taxiing for take-off before leaving Abu Dhabi for a long journey home to Australia. (mehr von VH-VPD)
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A6-EHJ Looking absolutely awesome! Just arrived from Heathrow, taxiing to its parking stand under Abu Dhabi's morning sun. (mehr von A6-EHJ)