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HB-JOJ New addition to the "Germania Flug"-fleet; ex. D-ASTS. (mehr von HB-JOJ)
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D-ASTS was towed back into the hangar after engine tests. (mehr von D-ASTS)
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D-ASTS Soon, all signs of Germania will be gone and their aircraft will fly for another airline. (mehr von D-ASTS)
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D-ASTS stored together with D-ASTA and D-AWBB after both, Germania and Privatair, filed for bankruptcy. (mehr von D-ASTS)
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D-ASTS c/n 3024 and ex B-6163 with Chengdu Airlines. Delivered only 5 days before the airline filed for bankruptcy. New in database and now stored at ERF! (mehr von D-ASTS)
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D-ASTS On the first of February arrived the newest A319 for GMI from ZUUU via UAAA. Sadly four days later Germania became insolvent. (mehr von D-ASTS)