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D-AIFF has lost its Star Alliance colors and now also flying with the shiny new Lufthansa colors! (mehr von D-AIFF)


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16+01 Training flight GAF898 giving full thrust on the engines after low approach. Coming from EDDM and going to EDJA. (mehr von 16+01)
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D-AIGP From the right angle, FRA still looks busy, such as in this all-Star Alliance view (mehr von D-AIGP)
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YA-KMH Pushback at IGIA T-3 on a winter afternoon as RQ916 bound for Kabul. It’s getting rarer to see the A340 as airlines wind down those fleets. This aircraft has almost completed 20 years to the day, having started its service with Iberia before moving to Philippine Airlines and then Kam Air in July 2018. (mehr von YA-KMH)