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Email Autor Korrektur ID #818537 / 80 Aufrufe
G-FBLI c/n 510-0130. Built in 2008. New registration on the database. Taxiing to Signatures. (mehr von G-FBLI)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #818536 / 59 Aufrufe
G-FBEC Taxiing for takeoff from runway 20. (mehr von G-FBEC)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #817992 / 51 Aufrufe
N546 c/n BAPC.164. New registration and plane type on the database. This plane is a replica of the original Quadraplane that was built by J Samuel White & co. at East Cowes, Isle of Wight in 1916 for the Royal Navy. This full size replica was constructed by the Wessex Aviation Society. (mehr von N546)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #817773 / 72 Aufrufe
CS-DXF c/n 560-5586. ex N1299K. Arrival from Toulouse-Blagnac. (mehr von CS-DXF)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #817192 / 94 Aufrufe
G-ISLC Flaps down after arrival from the Channel Islands, and taxiing to stand. (mehr von G-ISLC)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #817190 / 114 Aufrufe
G-ECOK c/n 4230. New registration on the database. Brand new plane for Flybe, and looking spotless. (mehr von G-ECOK)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #817189 / 107 Aufrufe
G-ECOJ Taken from the newly extended carpark - about the only place possible to take pictures at Southampton. (mehr von G-ECOJ)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #812958 / 99 Aufrufe
G-MAJU Nice pair of different Jetstreams waiting for taxi clearance. Behind Jetstream 31 of Blue Islands (G-ISLC) (mehr von G-MAJU)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #812957 / 83 Aufrufe
Email Autor Korrektur ID #812672 / 64 Aufrufe
G-FBEM Using reversers to slow down after a crosswind landing. (mehr von G-FBEM)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #812669 / 209 Aufrufe
M-USHY c/n 441-0209. ex N711GE. The first Isle of Man registered plane I have photographed at Southampton. Very smart colors too. (mehr von M-USHY)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #811444 / 25 Aufrufe
Email Autor Korrektur ID #811126 / 77 Aufrufe
G-JEDP Wearing special colours, lining up for takeoff in a southerly direction on runway 20. (mehr von G-JEDP)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #810436 / 86 Aufrufe
G-ECOJ c/n 4229. Built in 2008. New registration on the database. Delivered earlier this week. (mehr von G-ECOJ)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #810414 / 125 Aufrufe
G-ECOY Parked up with an older Flybe Dash-8 G-JECH taxiing into stand alongside. (mehr von G-ECOY)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #806673 / 28 Aufrufe
F-GGXQ c/n 1928. After a great flight with my good friends Luc and Lionel. (mehr von F-GGXQ)