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G-RATI c/n F17201311. ex G-PATI < G-WACZ. Built in 1975. New registration on the database. (mehr von G-RATI)
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Overview of this small airport in the Tarn department of south-west France. Notice that the runway is crossed by dirt from a race car track which surrounds the runway itself. Thanks to Luc for the great flight.
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Overview of the ramp at Millau, with a few Cessnas, Robins and a Cirrus in attendance.
Email Autor Korrektur ID #860127 / 79 Aufrufe
F-GQJD c/n LJ-667. Built in 1975. Parked in the general aviation section of Toulouse-Blagnac. It would appear this King Air requires a new tyre due to the jack underneath the fuselage. (mehr von F-GQJD)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #860126 / 236 Aufrufe
F-GJHR c/n 28-8090071. ex N876HR < N8077T. Built in 1980. On final approach to the airport of Albi, in the Tarn Department of France. Thanks to Luc for another great flight. (mehr von F-GJHR)
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Overview of the small airport of Millau, nearby the world famous suspension bridge. Thanks to Luc for another great flight!
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F-GJHR c/n 28-8090071. ex N876HR < N8077T. Built in 1980. Parked in front of the control tower at Albi Airport. (mehr von F-GJHR)
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EI-DLL On approach to Carcassonne from Bournemouth. Under the unpainted winglet is the impressive fortified city of Carcassonne. (mehr von EI-DLL)
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XZ228 (332) Having touched down on a remote patch of grass away from the runway, this surprise visitor promptly took off in the direction of Portsmouth harbour. Very nice! (mehr von XZ228)
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G-DDVD c/n 027021. Built in 1978. New registration on the database. Being towed for a glide above the nearby 'Culver Cliff'. (mehr von G-DDVD)
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Email Autor Korrektur ID #854995 / 84 Aufrufe
EI-CUW c/n 2293. ex G-BWYW. A rare Aer Arran movement at Bembridge having presumably visited for some maintenance. This plane was last on the database in 2003, so is a rarity, usually island-hopping in the far west of Ireland. (mehr von EI-CUW)
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80 (ABY) Nice arrival from Lille on a quick turn around.
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G-SGEC c/n BB-1747. ex N214FW. Built in 2001. Overview of the general aviation ramp at Southampton, with a Beech King Air and a Cirrus SR22 (N542CD). (mehr von G-SGEC)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #852406 / 214 Aufrufe
PZ865 Visiting Southampton-Eastleigh alongside a Spitfire. Great movement. (mehr von PZ865)
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PS915 c/n 6S/585121. Built in 1945. A great moment as the Spitfire returns to it's original home of Southampton-Eastleigh Airport. Here, it is seen taxiing out to the main runway for takeoff to a flypast at the nearby seaside town of Weymouth. Definately the best movement I have seen at Southampton! (mehr von PS915)
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VP-BMP c/n 345. ex F-WWHA. Nice movement - this plane is based at Southampton Airport. (mehr von VP-BMP)
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VR-BEB Nice surprise on my visit to Bournemouth, but it looks as if it will never fly again! (mehr von VR-BEB)
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RP-C-8023 Now, with engines removed, this Guppy sits looking as if it will never fly again. (mehr von RP-C-8023)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #851535 / 399 Aufrufe
P4-MMG Delivered new to Lufthansa in 1965 as D-ABIM. This plane was recently used as a private jet until it was stored at Southend. Here, it is seen on the back of a truck, wingless and presumably ready to be scrapped or used for parts. (mehr von P4-MMG)
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G-HOPE c/n CE-805. ex N2024Z. Built in 1978. With the Bournemouth Airport fire training centre in the background. (mehr von G-HOPE)
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G-FIGP Without engines, and looking rather shabby alongside a fellow EAC 747-200. (mehr von G-FIGP)