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XG225 On display at RAF Museum Cosford. (mehr von XG225)
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VT-WGO After the thunderstorm. VT-WGO on the apron at IGIA, almost one year after delivery. (mehr von VT-WGO)
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IA1012 This Mystere with an extra roundel on the front fuselage is to be found near a roundabout in Ghaziabad. The Mystère was inducted into No. 1 Sqn. “Tigers” in 1957, also equipping No. 3 “Cobras”, No. 8 “Eight Pursoots”, No. 31 “Lions” and No. 32 Sqn. “Thunderbirds”. Mystères participated in the 1961 Goa operation and wars of 1965 and 1971, till phased out in 1973. (mehr von IA1012)
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ZJ-4630 Lifting off in the evening at Aero India 2019. Flight test equipment is visible through the cabin window. (mehr von ZJ-4630)
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KF141 This upgraded Mirage 2000 is on static display, parked next to a MiG-21 during Aero India 2019. (mehr von KF141)
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VT-EXH Air India's immaculate Neo gracing the apron on the eve of Aero India 2019. Nice to photograph an aircraft of the national carrier at the airshow, equally nice to fly on her a week later. (mehr von VT-EXH)
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352 Rafale wearing the colors of EC 1/7 Provence landing after a practice display flight prior to the start of Aero India 2019. The “Casque de Bayard” emblem of SPA 15 is visible on the right side of the tail. (mehr von 352)
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KC-3809 Turning off the active to reposition onto Rwy 09 for an evening departure after Aero India 2019. (mehr von KC-3809)
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45-49167 "Five by Five" 44-33287 in the markings of Col. J.P. Laughlin, CO 362nd FG, 9th AF on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This is a former Peruvian Air Force Thunderbolt. (mehr von 45-49167)
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VT-JTG Awaiting pushback as 9W820 to Varanasi. (mehr von VT-JTG)
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B-5938 MU5059 from Shanghai taxiing in to the gate. (mehr von B-5938)
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B-8235 Morning departure to Nanchang as HO1632. (mehr von B-8235)
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L-866 Former US Navy aircraft that served in California and Hawaii during WW2. It was purchased by the Royal Danish Air Force in 1956, overhauled and delivered in 1957, and served with Esk.721 at Vaerloese and Greenland. (mehr von L-866)
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9V-SME Morning arrival of SQ422 from Singapore to Mumbai. The 14-ft. long scimitar-shaped winglets help to reduce drag. (mehr von 9V-SME)
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PK-GNI Taxiing out for departure in the morning as GA203 bound for Jakarta. (mehr von PK-GNI)
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T-474 On display at Museum Pusat TNI-AU Dirgantara Mandala. (mehr von T-474)
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63-8320 On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This Thud was produced as an ‘F’ and served with 49 TFW in Germany. It flew as “Cooter” with 333 TFS, 355 TFW at Takhli RTAFB. It then moved to Korat RTAFB, after which it was modified to an F-105G and served as “Bam-Bam” with 561 TFS in 1972-73. It was one of the last twelve F-105Gs to leave Korat and the Vietnam War. Serving thereafter with 562 TFS, 35 TFW at George AFB, “Hanoi Hustler” had three large red stars under the cockpit representing three unconfirmed MiG kills claimed when handed over to the museum. The long QRC-380 ECM blister is visible under the wing. (mehr von 63-8320)
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VT-JTL Taxiing out for departure in the morning as 9W618 bound for Pune. (mehr von VT-JTL)
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HL8312 KE1805 from Daegu turning off the active on picturesque Jeju island. (mehr von HL8312)
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VT-JFY Taxiing out for departure to Bengaluru as 9W443 on an overcast morning. (mehr von VT-JFY)
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VT-JWW Oldest active A330 in the Jet Airways fleet taxiing out for departure to Delhi as 9W346 on an overcast morning. (mehr von VT-JWW)