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LV-OHV Photographed during the stopover at MEX on the route LAX - MEX - LIM - EZE (mehr von LV-OHV)
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N1997 The best spot to take wonderful photos is right between runways 05L and 05R (mehr von N1997)
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JY-ADR I took this picture while waiting to board this B727 on my flight OP110 to Panama City (mehr von JY-ADR)
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10506 This caravelle was found in a desert in the north of Mexico, it was wearing full SEC Colombia colours and registration HK-3836X. (mehr von 10506)
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VR-HGP The sunny day gave the chance to have a nice background (mehr von VR-HGP)
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XA-ASS It was really nice to see the B727 taking off from runway 23R (mehr von XA-ASS)