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VT-EVW CN 598 (1991). One of my favorite aircraft, the A310. We can see both in different scheme. This plane has been broken up meanwhile (mehr von VT-EVW)
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VT-JND MSN 29037 LN 177 (1998). Fairly old plane, now with Orenair VQ-BEN. (mehr von VT-JND)
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VT-DKS CN 2747 (2006). Shot taken from Jari Mari, Mumbai International in 2008. I wonder if this place still accessible? (mehr von VT-DKS)
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VT-JGK MSN 32579 LN 1002 (2001). Ex American Trans Air (ATA). Old and New color, VT-JGC is in old scheme. (mehr von VT-JGK)
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VT-EJK How fun can it be, plane spotting and flying a kite. (mehr von VT-EJK)
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VT-ALK MSN 36309 LN 652 (2007). This is taken at Jari Mari in Mumbai airport. Interesting place to spot aircraft. (mehr von VT-ALK)
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F-GIUC I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this cargo jumbo make her way out in bright daylight! Always a graveyard flight, obviously delayed well beyond her schedule. Lucky me ! :) (mehr von F-GIUC)


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VT-JWN 7pm....dusk setting in gradually as 'Whisky November' proudly shows off her beacons as she waits for her turn to get on the active.. (mehr von VT-JWN)
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G-CDPT The Air India Ghost 767 devoid of titles stealthily making her way out.... (mehr von G-CDPT)
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G-GSSD The Boeing Beast 748F is On Finals Runway 27 as BA3456! ETA- 17.45, arrived exactly On Time! Not a minute late! I was Lucky to get her when the light was good! I must say that those 4 GE-NX Engines are Almost Silent! Indeed The Queen Of Skies! (mehr von G-GSSD)
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RA-82078 9.29PM...The international arrivals and departures are on in full swing and then this behemoth emerges from the cargo bay !!! A real dream to catch an AN124 at night at BOM! (mehr von RA-82078)
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A6-DDA Sun is almost set , and The Etihad 77F is Ready To Start Its Take-off Roll! You Can See A Small Tent ,Thats For the Birds Scarer of VABB (mehr von A6-DDA)
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VT-ALO About to start its Take-off roll for flight to Newark at Sunset! (mehr von VT-ALO)