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N552NA Besides B727-2J7 N552NA named Talavera, another two B727-264 had this tail colour scheme, those were XA-DUI Cacaxtla and XA-MXA Mexicapan. Other aircraft with this design were: A320-231 N225RX Atlixcayotl, A320-231 XA-RJX Tizatlan, A320-231 XA-RKB Cuautzingo, F100 XA-SGE Huitzilihuitl, F100 XA-SHJ Tetlepanquetzatl and DC10-15 N1003W Ixcamilpa. (mehr von N552NA)
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XA-TRB Was photographed at Cuernavaca while being prepared to enter service with the airline in an unfinished livery. The LA motif of the previous operator can still be seen in the tail fin (mehr von XA-TRB)
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N129NA Epazoyucan is a small town in the state of Hidalgo. The tail design was taken from the frescoes of the convent, the most impressive are the ones in the convent's lower choir stall. (mehr von N129NA)
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N552NA This design is based on the Talavera ceramics of the State of Puebla. In the beginning Talavera art followed Gothic, Moorish, Italian and Flemish motifs, later typically Mexican designs were adopted (mehr von N552NA)


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PP-VQU A high speed passage (Flaps UP) (mehr von PP-VQU)
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PP-VQU A B727 low passage about 15 feet above the runway was one of the most impressive atractions in the Expo Aero Brasil 2004 (Brazil Aeronautical Exposition) (mehr von PP-VQU)