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D-ABCE "Landshut" MSN 20254 ex PT-MTB from storage at Fortaleza (mehr von D-ABCE)
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OM-RAN rare 737-200 pic at DRS (mehr von OM-RAN)
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D-ABCE The history of this a/c, the former Landshut, was unlucky. It was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists 1977 and it ended in Mogadishu, the a/c was stormed by the German special force GSG-9. All passengers were free but pilot J�rgen Schumann was murdered by a terrorist "Mahmud". R.I.P. J�rgen Schumann. Kodachrome-25-slidescan. (mehr von D-ABCE)
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D-ABFT Another unsual Lufthansa colourscheme, a grey underside instead of silver or metal on this B.737-200, leased for 8 months in 1988 from subsidiary Condor. (mehr von D-ABFT)
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D-ABHX Another experimental c/s worn for one year by this B.737-200 leased from subsidiary Condor in `82/`83. Other operators of this aircraft were Air Portugal, Ryanair and Adam Air (Indonesia). (mehr von D-ABHX)
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YV380T Here's the new blue livery of Rutaca. (mehr von YV380T)
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D-ABHD The second B.737-230 of Condor, photographed from outside, in the bare metal colourscheme, an experiment to find out whether with lower air resistance and lower weight fuel could be saved. Sadly D-ABHD crashed on approach to Izmir on January, 2nd in 1988. (mehr von D-ABHD)
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D-ABHD This B.737-230, leased from Condor in the winter season 1982/83, carried an experimental colourscheme. On the starboard side an additional blue cabin stripe was applied. D-ABHD crashed during a flight from Stuttgart, approaching Izmir on January 2nd. 1988. (mehr von D-ABHD)
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D-ABMB "Ingolstadt". Lufthansa Express was in 1994 the first answer from Lufthansa to the low cost airlines in Europe. Fares from 99 should attract new customers, but the new low cost airline with low service flopped. Today, the relauchched Germanwings ist the new version of Lufthansa Express - after 19 years! (mehr von D-ABMB)