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D-ABYW "Berlin" on his way for take off to Tokio via Anchorage on a sunny winter day. In 1990 D-ABYW was converted into a freighter for operations in German Cargo livery and he returned to Lufthansa again in 1993, flying for Lufthansa Cargo until retirement in 1999. Other operators were Southern Air as N742SA, Tradewinds Airlines as N531TA and at least Atlanta Icelandic as TF-ARH. 34 years after his first flight, former D-ABYW is rotting away at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (mehr von D-ABYW)
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EP-IAI really happy to catch (one of) the last B742 in pax service; also first picture of this old lady in database (mehr von EP-IAI)
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D-ABYM Original seats inside this classic beauty! (mehr von D-ABYM)
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D-ABYM The claddings of the walls were removed, so the visitors can see the interiority of the cabin better. The seats are still the original ones. (mehr von D-ABYM)
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D-ABYM Looking down to some other highlights of the museum. (mehr von D-ABYM)
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D-ABYM The almost 37 years old cargo area of this beauty. (mehr von D-ABYM)
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D-ABYH Jumbo "Max" during pushing ( ! ) to the Lufthansa maintenance area at Lohausen. In 1979 this aircraft was sold to Korean Airlines as HL7442 and on July,1st in 1983 KAL007 was shot down by a soviet fighter near Sakhalin Island. (mehr von D-ABYH)
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N508MC Taxiing to the active runway 06 on a hazy morning. (mehr von N508MC)
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