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PH-MCI The first nightshot taken in Curacao. I took this photo while I was walking from my flight from Aruba to the terminal entrance. Canon EOS350D Rebel XT[EFS18-55mm] (mehr von PH-MCI)
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PH-MCH Martinair ready to taxi as the sun sets. (mehr von PH-MCH)
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PH-MCI Taxiing to our gate at the new terminal of Curacao International Airport. You can see the ground handling crew already waiting to handle our flight at gate 3. My vacation comes to an end here. Canon EOS350D Rebel XT [EFS18-55mm] (mehr von PH-MCI)
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PH-MCI On final approach to Curacao International Airport. On the photo you can see one of the many beautiful beaches of Curacao. The location of this beach is Banda Abou where most of our most beautiful beaches are situated. Canon EOS350D Rebel XT [EFS18-55mm] (mehr von PH-MCI)
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PH-MCL Another Martinair arrival but this time its their 767. I also arrived in Holland with this aircraft. Canon EOS350D Rebel XT [EF90-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 USM] (mehr von PH-MCL)
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PH-MCV Now in almost full Arkefly colors ! (mehr von PH-MCV)
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OE-LAT Now with Austrian titles applied. OE-LAX which was in full Lauda c/s is already repainted into Austrian colors. So the last Lauda Air longhaul jets are gone (mehr von OE-LAT)
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PH-MCI A rare sight to see three Martinair B767s in new cs parked side by side. (mehr von PH-MCI)