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SU-GEC rare overview of Cairo Intl. Airport seen after departing RWY 05C bound back to MUC as MS787 (mehr von SU-GEC)
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SU-KHM current operator unknown. Faded Dana Air titles are still visible.In the background is SU-GBJ parked with Aviator c/s. (mehr von SU-KHM)
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The new control tower of Cairo Airport has a height of 100 meter and was inaugurated on 21/10/2010. Until then the old control tower in the background was in service.
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SU-ZDA Scrap corner in Cairo seen by take off from RWY 05C. From left to right the aircraft i could identify. Pharao Airlines B732 SU-PMA, Petroleum Air Service Dash 7, Cessna Skymaster, unknown Bizjet, Centre Afrique B 722 TL-ADY, Air Memphis DC-9, Lockheed Jetstar, Midwest A 310 SU-MWA, Egypt Air B772 SU-GBP, Alin Air Il-62 SU-ZDA, Phuket Airlines B 747-300 HS-VAC and Cairo Cargo Tu 214. (mehr von SU-ZDA)