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F-GIXO Taxiing out from Terminal 3, looking splendid in the early morning light. Transferred to Aviation Capital Group as N846AC in February 2014 and supposed to enter service with Peruvian Airlines as OB-2090-P, but was never taken up by the airline. (mehr von F-GIXO)
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OE-LED Taxiing along the Western //. Transferred to Germania as D-ASTY in early 2011. Broken up at St. Athan in May 2020. (mehr von OE-LED)
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C-FIUR Taxiing in on the Western // after arriving on Rwy 09L in the North. (mehr von C-FIUR)
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3B-NBD Under tow on the Western //. Retired from service in October 2020 and parked since. (mehr von 3B-NBD)
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F-GZCL An early morning arrival, taxiing on the Western // towards Terminal 2. (mehr von F-GZCL)


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AP-AXG very welcome visitor - making a lot of spotters on the fence happy (mehr von AP-AXG)