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RA-82079 Climbing out from RWY 04R bound to Doha as VDA 2150; what a beauty!! (mehr von RA-82079)
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I-PDVZ After two intense days of test flights in the morning and evening in Trieste, here it is in all its glory to return to the base in Venice; became EI-FWA. (mehr von I-PDVZ)
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A7-BCH Second visit in Venice for Dreamliner in two days "Qatari 126" climbing out from RWY 04R bound to Doha. What a beauty!! (mehr von A7-BCH)
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VQ-BRK First rotation for this summer season for Utair; coming from VKO as UTA 9055. (mehr von VQ-BRK)
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F-GRGC Coming from Montpellier as flight HOP 9627, carrying the Montpellier Hťrault Rugby for a match against Benetton Treviso. Montpellier won the game, 27-10. (mehr von F-GRGC)