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D-ACGB Unfortunately ACG has now gone. Good bye! (mehr von D-ACGB)
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D-ACGB after many weeks of Storage since 18th April in FRA this ACG B744F is about to leave FRA direction Homebase Hahn. Unfortunately there will be no further Operation of this Airline. (mehr von D-ACGB)
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D-ACGB After being stored a couple of months at FRA, D-ACGA and D-ACGB have finally returned to their home base. Hopefully we will see them operating for ACG again very soon! (mehr von D-ACGB)
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D-ACGB 3 Air Cargo Germany Jumbos stored in FRA after the company ceased operations in April 2013 (mehr von D-ACGB)
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D-ACGB If the 747 was a shark, the CRJ would be a pilot fish (mehr von D-ACGB)