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76455 the rarest planes always appear in worse conditions. Nevertheless I'm quite happy to catch this beauty. (mehr von 76455)


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TF-FIU First appearance here in HAM. The waiting was quite thrilling due to the fact that nowbody was really sure which runway it would use. The fact that the Hekla Aurora had to go into holding due to some flight displays for the Hamburg Airport Days maintained the fear of missing it. Luckily all turned out to be fine! (mehr von TF-FIU)
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37+01 Good to know that this mighty F4 is still in perfect conditions and well preserved (mehr von 37+01)
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RA-85799 very early morning arrival of the flight TAK8541 from Volgograd (mehr von RA-85799)
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37+03 c/s "50 Years JG 71 Richthofen" during the blue hour. (mehr von 37+03)