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D-ABOG What a great sunrise! Taken on a hot summer morning around 6.00 am when it was already 25░C and we are being pushed back for our flight to Dalaman. (mehr von D-ABOG)
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EI-DFJ Climbing out of DUS and just breaking through the layer of clouds. On that day I fell in love ... with an Embraer ERJ-170 :) (mehr von EI-DFJ)
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OY-KBO The very first cabin shot of the SAS Retrojet! This Airbus is fitted with new and nice Recaro-Seats and offers Inflight-Entertainment. Taken after flight SK629 from CPH to DUS with just 53 pax onboard! (mehr von OY-KBO)
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LN-RPT Passing by for another flight to Stockholm Arlanda (mehr von LN-RPT)
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OE-LFP Gaining height and speed for our flight OS155 from VIE to DUS (mehr von OE-LFP)
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D-ACPL Cruising between several layers of clouds. Can you imagine how bumpy this flight LH3766 from DUS to ZRH was? (mehr von D-ACPL)
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CN-ROH Hot stuff! Brand new registration to the database! (mehr von CN-ROH)
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D-ABEU View on Munichs Terminal 2 as we taxi to our parking position (mehr von D-ABEU)
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D-ABEU A shiny CFM56 engine is something special... taken enroute as LH1281 from CGN to MUC (mehr von D-ABEU)
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D-ABEU Early rotation from RWY 32R as LH1281 to MUC with only 38 Pax onboard! (mehr von D-ABEU)
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TC-MSO On taxi to RWY 19 for flight to Ercan (mehr von TC-MSO)
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