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TC-MNC Passing by the yellow beauty as we are about to leave IST again as LH3341 to Frankfurt, taken out of D-AISH (mehr von TC-MNC)
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D-AISH Thundering into the skies after take-off from RWY 18R as LH3341 to Frankfurt. Parts of the bay are covered by light clouds and the Mediterranean Sea is shimmering - hugh! (mehr von D-AISH)
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D-ABEE We are on finals into AtatŁrk's RWY 18L, coming from Cologne/Bonn as LH3346 (mehr von D-ABEE)
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EI-DLT Taken inflight FR 4522 from Charleroi to Bergamo. Its always nice to see the sun rise like this with a gorgeous winglet illuminated by the golden morning light (mehr von EI-DLT)
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N8932E Hard left turn after departure out of O'Hare. You can see all runways and terminals shining in the morning light. Taken inflight NW1102 to Detroit. Great flight on that classic airliner built in 1967! (mehr von N8932E)
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HL7417 OZ 542 heavy is pulling out of FRA with destination ICN during a nice and mystic sunset (mehr von HL7417)
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VH-ZXC "Stanwell Park" is reversing after flight QF 504 from Sydney (mehr von VH-ZXC)
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HL7417 On finals for runway 25R after a long 11 hours flight as OZ 541 from Seoul Incheon. Love Asiana, Love the 747! (mehr von HL7417)
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A6-ERC Approaching Christchurch in rough weather as EK 412 from Sydney (mehr von A6-ERC)
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A6-ERC Departing Sydney as EK412 heavy to Christchurch/New Zealand. We are about to dive into a huge cloud, while the Sydney area below is nicely lit up by the morning sun (mehr von A6-ERC)
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A6-ERC EK 412 heavy is pulling out of Kingsford Smith Airport, giving a nice overview of the Sydney Area nicely lit up by the morning sun. (mehr von A6-ERC)
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A6-ERC Finally I was flying the A340-500 and finally I was sitting on Emirates' fabulous Business Class! This is the more private section where there are only two comfy rows. Simply gorgeous! (mehr von A6-ERC)
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VH-TJE This older one is leaving its parking position for a flight to Canberra in a great evening light (mehr von VH-TJE)
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VH-VYE Taken after pushback, this one is leaving for Cairns in the early evening (mehr von VH-VYE)
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VH-ZXC On short finals into Brisbane as QF504 from Sydney. Have a look at the crosswind runway (mehr von VH-ZXC)
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HL7596 Cabin Shot of this nice 777 as we are boarding our flight OZ 601 to Sydney (mehr von HL7596)
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N302NB Okay, I know the window is dirty. And I also know that the weather is too grey and the picture is of bad quality. But look at the beautiful view! That's what you see when you're about to land in La Guardia! (mehr von N302NB)
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N904AN Slowing down for approach into Orlando, coming from Miami as AA1004 (mehr von N904AN)
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N904AN On short finals into Orlando as AA 1004 from MIA (mehr von N904AN)
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TC-SUC Taxiing to the active runway for departure (mehr von TC-SUC)
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EI-DFJ Cruising over the alps enrout from DUS to MXP. Great crew, great plane, great service! Thanks Alitalia! (mehr von EI-DFJ)
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N904AN Approaching Orlando International Airport as AA1004 from Miami International over some typical American villages (mehr von N904AN)