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TF-ATX Aborting take off run after at least one of the RB211-524D4 engines quit its service. The crew decided to abort the take off immediately just infront of the fire station after some loud bangs could be heard. Check out for flames behind engine #2! (mehr von TF-ATX)
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N12109 Simply stunning are all these lights when blasing out of EWR on flight CO110 back to Cologne... (mehr von N12109)
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D-ABBK This position belongs to my absolute favourites...A simply great angle in combination with nice evening light. AB6800 seen here blasting off to Palma de Mallorca. Seen runway reflections visible right and left below the nose... (mehr von D-ABBK)
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JA402J Beautiful aircraft and livery! Powerful take off action! Great light! Nice reflections! This makes the spotter's heart beating faster! ;) (mehr von JA402J)
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PH-KCE We just made a quick stop at the Polderbaan while returning home after Easter holidays. The whole day brought a lot of rain, show, snow pellets, some wind and mainly no sun. But just in this moment the sun came out, illuminating this KLM MD-11 kicking up the water from the runway and providing a great contrast between the aircraft and a passing heavy snow shower in the background. (mehr von PH-KCE)


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JA05KZ Heavy lift off from Rwy 24 with the low winter sun just behind, illuminating the undercarriage pretty nice. Great feeling to see those heavies getting closer on take off run and lifting off over your head! (mehr von JA05KZ)
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G-VELD LHR is simply the best...At any other airport you would be glat to get one of them below! Three special liveries visible in this shot! Can also you find QF's "Wunala Dreaming"? ;) Shot taken during take off on Rwy 27R back to Dusseldorf. (mehr von G-VELD)
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G-BYGC BA0139 seen here inbound to Bombay. The quality of this shot is just stunning. Every single window visible! Shot taken with Canon EF100-400L IS and Extender 2x II. (mehr von G-BYGC)