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TF-CSC Another special flight for the FIFA World Cup 2006 football match England vs. Trinidad+Tobago. (mehr von TF-CSC)
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The new western apron of NUE airport has recently been opened, just in time to handle all the special flights for the FIFA World Cup 2006 football match England vs. Trinidad and Tobago.
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82-1068 (ED) A very strange looking aircraft and a very expensive one, too. (mehr von 82-1068)
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CCCP-86050 Just arrived from Moscow on a hot summer day at FRA. (mehr von CCCP-86050)
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73-1036 The famous Phantom returning from an exercise ELITE mission and still going strong. (mehr von 73-1036)
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PH-DEL Still displaying the white top old colours of KLM. (mehr von PH-DEL)
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OY-APO Short final for RWY 10 in full Arabia colours, leased from Maersk. (mehr von OY-APO)
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YR-IMC Once an often visitor at my home airport. (mehr von YR-IMC)
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73-1037 The classic F-4 is getting airborne for an exercise ELITE 2006 mission. (mehr von 73-1037)
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46+31 Full afterburner take off from RWY 21. Unit is JBG32. (mehr von 46+31)
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45+66 This Recce version of a Tornado belongs to AG 51 and is still wearing the ex German Navy colours. (mehr von 45+66)
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054 Getting airborne from RWY 21 for an ELITE 2006 mission.
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D-AHSA The 'Red Baron' is waiting for another load of passengers for a domestic flight (mehr von D-AHSA)
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37+16 Smoking it's way home..........operated by German Flight Test Center (WTD 61). (mehr von 37+16)
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J-5011 The special Tiger Hornet is returning from an exercise ELITE mission. (mehr von J-5011)
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46+43 Fully armed and returning from an exercise ELITE mission. (mehr von 46+43)
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46+55 Departing in full afterburner for an exercise ELITE mission. (mehr von 46+55)
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305 As this very colourful Fitter taxies to RWY 21 a Tornado from the local unit JbG 32 is seen departing in full afterburner for another exercise ELITE mission.
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93-0693 The backseater is trying very hard to get a good video footage of this full afterburner take off. (mehr von 93-0693)
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46+48 Departing in full afterburner for an exercise ELITE mission. (mehr von 46+48)
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D-IMTT 'Tango Tango' is on very short final for RWY 25L for it's first landing on German soil. A successful maiden flight for the Messerschmitt Stiftung, congratulations! (mehr von D-IMTT)
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98+79 The German Flight Test Center (WTD 61) is operating this Tornado with some special markings applied. (mehr von 98+79)
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D-IWMS This was the chase plane of the successful maiden flight of the Me 262 from German soil. After the Me 262 landed the backseater and photographer got some spare time to take some pictures of us photographers on the ground. Show me your pictures, here is mine! (mehr von D-IWMS)
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D-IMTT 'Tango Tango' is pictured here during it's first ever take off roll from German soil. It has been built by the guys in the States and was carried by a CX 747F to LUX and by truck to Manching, where it has been put together and flown for the first time on this day. A job well done by all the people involved! (mehr von D-IMTT)