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79-10782 (ED) Another view of the flying flag, this time with the wheels down. (mehr von 79-10782)
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N224WN 'Slam Dunk One' is promoting the NBA, I love this plane! First on pp.net. (mehr von N224WN)
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N8641 Operating a cargo flight for Seaboard in basic Loftleidir colours. (mehr von N8641)
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N3725G This torpedobomber is seen returning after the Tora, Tora, Tora mock raid of Pearl Harbour at the Edwards AFB Open House. (mehr von N3725G)
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00-4016 (OT) Wow! That pass made my day, on Sunday only of the 2 day Aviation Nation Air Show the Raptor pilot decided to set up this amazing fly-by in full afterburner. Enjoy! (mehr von 00-4016)
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N59125 A flying monster at the Thunderbird Ballon Air Classic at 7 AM. (mehr von N59125)
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00-4016 (OT) With no flying B-1,B-2,B-52 and F-117 in my opinion this was the highlight of the Nellis Aviation Nation Air Show 2005: The USAF heritage flight with three famous fighters: Mustang P-51 N151AF, Phantom QF-4E 74-0665 and the modern Raptor. A sight to remember! (mehr von 00-4016)
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87-0392 Edwards AFB action: As the Viper of the 412th TW is seen on taxiway Bravo, the C-17 is taking off on RWY 04 in the distance. (mehr von 87-0392)
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91-4009 (ED) Seen on taxiway Bravo heading straight to the photographers. Amazing front view of the new Raptor. (mehr von 91-4009)
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82-1068 (ED) The Spirit of New York pictured during a very spirited fly-by at the Edwards AFB Open House 2005. (mehr von 82-1068)
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79-10782 (ED) How happy everybody was to see this beautifully painted Stealth during this amazing display. And it was a once in a lifetime experience, since this fully hand made prototype was wearing this scheme for the 2nd and last time of its career, after the Edwards show it has been transferred from Palmdale to Holloman and will be used as a ground test bed only in the future. This aircraft suffered also a landing accident back in Jan 82, when it recovered onto a bed of foam, following the loss of the nosewheel. (mehr von 79-10782)
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N866F Typical scene in the 1970s at FRA, active Air Base and a nice DC-8 in my viewfinder. (mehr von N866F)
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N70724 Clipper 'Spreeathen' is getting the thumbs up for yet another flight to Berlin-Tegel. (mehr von N70724)
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N7023U View from the former parking garage. 2 Boeing 727s in the good old days. (mehr von N7023U)
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HB-IFY Taxiing out for a RWY 28 departure, new reg. for pp.net. (mehr von HB-IFY)
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PH-BUR View from a low flying Cessna 172. Corrosion corner is on top of the picture, close to the two C-123s Cargomaster, which have been in storage here for some thirty years now. SR Asia MD-11 HB-IWG, CO DC-10 and 747, KLM 747-300 PH-BUR, DL Tristar, Ansett 767, a few 707s, DC-8, and many more are visible. (mehr von PH-BUR)
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F-BHRK Spotting behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War days, quite an experience for me. (mehr von F-BHRK)
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ZS-SAL 'Tafelberg' is seen thundering down on RWY 18. (mehr von ZS-SAL)
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SE-DBL This is the last ever built DC-8. "Tord Viking" during push back on a busy FRA ramp. Operated by SAS from 1972 to 1982. (mehr von SE-DBL)
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SP-LGA Waiting for the passengers on a rainy night. (mehr von SP-LGA)
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N744PA Just airborne off RWY 25, next destination is JFK. (mehr von N744PA)
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N612US Wingtip to wingtip taxying to the stand, a common sight at FRA. (mehr von N612US)