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N543SA In the urgent need of a pair of sunglasses. (mehr von N543SA)
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00-4013 (OT) The new Superfighter of the USAF parked in front of the new built sun shelters on the packed Nellis ramp. Unit is 422nd TES, tailcode 'OT'. (mehr von 00-4013)
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86-0837 (HO) I've seen it quite a few times, but the front view of the Nighthawk is always an amazing sight. Aircraft is of the 49th FW, 8th Fighter Squadron 'Black Sheep' based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. This Lot 10 aircraft flew 31 combat missions in operation Desert Storm and maybe some more during the recent conflict. (mehr von 86-0837)
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N8195H Beautiful nose art and mission markings of 'Heavenly Body'. Please note also the fifties style black and white photo of a pin-up girl in the cockpit. (mehr von N8195H)
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D-ABTA Flaps set, LH 456 is on very short final for RWY 24R, below you will see a spot, which is very famous among the visiting photographers from all over the world and the locals. (mehr von D-ABTA)
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N484SW Departing under a dramatic evening sky at sunset. (mehr von N484SW)
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N12GP c/n 63. ex N835GA, N238U, N239P, N149JW, N17ND and (N20GP ntu). A classic Gulf II with a very sophisticated and heavily modified engine. However, the hushkitted engines still produce a lot of smoke, although the noise of the engines has been reduced a lot. Short final for RWY 25L. (mehr von N12GP)
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XA-LAM Delivery flight of this brand new 737 to Aeromexico. Its a rather rare picture since the winglets are still missing. The aircraft has been put into service with the winglets fitted in the beginning of December 2004. (mehr von XA-LAM)
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162345 Taxiing the flag this might have been the last display by a Tomcat, unit VF-101 Grim Reapers is due to disband and at this time it is not assured, that there will be a display Tomcat in 2005. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is not true. The display at Nellis was great, especially the low take off on Saturday, Tomcats forever!
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N30801 The guy on top of this Mitchell is showing off the Stars and Stripes in honour of the many veterans attending the Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis AFB. (mehr von N30801)
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C-GPWA From one extreme to another: These ex Air Canada 767s were used to the Canadian cold, nowadays they are fighting the heat in the desert. Visible are also C-GAUS/U/W and C-GAVC. View from a Cessna 172. (mehr von C-GPWA)
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N1998 This shiny series -100 727 is on short final for R/W 24L on a typical clear and cold Canadian winter day. (mehr von N1998)
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00-4013 (OT) The new superfighter of the USAF seen here on short final, one of the first approach pictures in the database. This aircraft is operated by the 422nd TES, tailcode 'OT'. Very difficult lighting conditions, since I had to face the sun. (mehr von 00-4013)
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N601LS "Victoria's Secret Angels Across America" promotional tour scheme. Registered to Directional Visions LLC. Nice motive on the engine. (mehr von N601LS)
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N784AS Nice to see the Disneyland plane on short final for RWY 25L here in LAX. (mehr von N784AS)
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N777L The Rare Bear is a 1946 built Grumman F8F Bearcat. It has been restored, substantially modified and equipped with a Wright R3350 engine producing in excess of 4000 horsepower. This has allowed the Rare Bear to establish the Closed Course World Speed Record (528.3 MPH) and 3000 Meter Time-To-Climb Record (91.9 seconds) and to win the Reno Air Race 2004! May we call it 'the fastest propeller driven aircraft in the world?' (mehr von N777L)
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N905NA Although the NASA Space Shuttles are not yet cleared to fly again, their carrier aircraft took off at Edwards AFB this morning and came in for a few approaches at PMD. (mehr von N905NA)
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G-VZZZ Three Virgin Classic 747s (G-VIBE/G-VZZZ and G-VPUF) sitting close together in the desert and compared to the shots taken a few months before two of them are now beginning to hide their former identity. View from a Cessna 172. (mehr von G-VZZZ)
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A8-138 Far away from home this F-111 is returning from a Red Flag mission and it shows us its massive wingspan (fully extended) on short final for RWY 03L. You rarely get to see a flying F-111 these days unless you live in Australia. (mehr von A8-138)
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83-0048 (FF) What an amazing sight, two jet fighters flying in close formation with two Mustangs, the American Heritage Flight is doing a great job here! The display was further highlighted by the music played at the Aviation Nation Air Show, I still can feel the goose pimps.... (mehr von 83-0048)
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99-4010 (OT) Future fighter pilots please look closely, this will be the aircraft you will be flying in the future. This aircraft is operated by the 422nd TES, tailcode 'OT', and the test pilot is giving us a nice wave after the display of the Raptor. (mehr von 99-4010)
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N817NA The rarely seen and heavily modified DC-8-72 of the Dryden Flight Research Center is seen on short final for RWY 22. It operated a test flight out of Edwards AFB and came in for a few approaches, I was quite happy to be here! (mehr von N817NA)
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