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HB-IGG After a long flight from Zurich pictured in the final turn for R/W 13. (mehr von HB-IGG)
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D-ABUG On this day operated by Lufthansa on a short flight to FRA. (mehr von D-ABUG)
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D-ABKE The Europa Jet was a workhorse for LH on the German and European routes. (mehr von D-ABKE)
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69-0021 Galaxy in the old colours. Here you can see the complex landing gear operation as they are turned 90-degrees inward prior to being retracted into the gear bays. 28 wheels in total on the C-5; 24 mains and 4 nose wheels. (mehr von 69-0021)
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ZD249 A crew member is sticking his hand out of the open window and gives us a welcome wave. (mehr von ZD249)
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77 Taxiing to R/W 28 with a full load of passengers, the Swedish Air Force was using the Dakota till the early eighties.
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D-ABHD Wearing a hybrid colourscheme this aircraft was leased from Condor, October 1982 to March 1983. It crashed in service with Condor on approach to Izmir on January 2nd, 1988, killing 19 crew and passengers.. (mehr von D-ABHD)
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D-ABIY Europa Jet Aachen on taxiway Foxtrott to R/W 10. (mehr von D-ABIY)
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D-ABUB Those were the days, Intercontinental Jet 'Stuttgart' caught on taxiway A to R/W 28. (mehr von D-ABUB)
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61-0009 The desert floor brightens up the underside of this 'BUFF', the huge flap mechanism is clearly visible. (mehr von 61-0009)
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D-ANNO At the age of 13 I took this night shot, man, I'm getting old! Aircraft was christened 'Carl Spitzweg'. (mehr von D-ANNO)
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162451 Extremely rare desert colourscheme of VMFA-134 'SMOKE', code MF-08, based at MCAS Miramar.
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OE-LDH Diversion flight due to heavy snow at MUC-Riem. (mehr von OE-LDH)
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TF-ATE The ex Air Atlanta 747 has been used as a stand-by aircraft in the UK during summer 2003. Thereafter it has been placed into open storage in the desert. Many more aircrafts and airlines are visible in this picture, taken from a Cessna 172 doing a touch and go at this amazing airfield. (mehr von TF-ATE)
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67-0174 The whole cockpit crew including the two guys on top of the fuselage are closely watching the wingtip clearance, as the Galaxy is slowly taxiing to the static display area of the famous London Air Show. Please note also the large Empire State titles, representing the NY ANG 105th AW based at Stewart IAP,NY. (mehr von 67-0174)
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C-FTNJ Getting the thumbs up for yet another Atlantic crossing to Canada. Nowadays this aircraft is operated by the Orbital Sciences Corp. as N140SC and is used as a launch platform for rockets. (mehr von C-FTNJ)
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84-0020 (AK) This Eagle normally based at Elmendorf, AFB, Alaska, is returning from a Red Flag mission. Please note the extended speed brake. 3rd Wing, 19th FS. (mehr von 84-0020)
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N986QS The Citation X is one of the faster business jets. (mehr von N986QS)
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Amazing view from a Cessna 172 during a touch and go. Many aircrafts are stored in the desert, among them some Condor/Thomas Cook B.757s, one of them with Apple Vacation titles. BWIA, NW, China A/L, National, and Delta aircrafts are also visible.
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ZA150 Holding short of RWY 26. Front view of this classic aircraft with the wonderful engine sound. (mehr von ZA150)
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ZZ173 Holding short of RWY 18. The RAF C-17 is a rather rare sight at FRA, USAF C-17s are much more common. (mehr von ZZ173)
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N359PA Clipper 'Sausewind' on taxiway 'F' for RWY 10. (mehr von N359PA)
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D-ADQO Take-off RWY 18 on a beautiful evening. (mehr von D-ADQO)