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G-AVFE Last flight was from London Heathrow to Belfast 12th February 1985 and has been used for training for the last 33 years but is now surplus to requirements and is being used for spares for another Trident 1 aircraft under restoration at Sunderland as well as some useful parts for other Tridents in museums (mehr von G-AVFE)
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G-AVFG BEA colours. Imagine the sound! (mehr von G-AVFG)
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G-AVFF BEA British European Airways Tridents at LHR Trident 3 G-AWZN [c/n2315] & Trident 2 G-AVFF [c/n2145] At EGLL Heathrow Terminal 1 - approx 1977..Trijets rule! with B727s in background.. (mehr von G-AVFF)
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G-AVFH After many years displayed in BA British colours it has just been repainted in BEA colours. Displayed at the DH Aviation Heritage Centre formerly known as the Mosquito Museum (mehr von G-AVFH)
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G-AVFH Interior view of this forward fuselage still with about 30 seats inside. (mehr von G-AVFH)
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G-AVFH "you can imagine sitting here some 30yrs ago" (mehr von G-AVFH)
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G-AVFB See the old 'British' titles showing through the paint. (mehr von G-AVFB)