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RA-61711 enroute MJZ-IKT. (mehr von RA-61711)
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RA-42379 A very pleasant flight experience on board one of Izhavia's Yak-42D's enroute DME-IJK! (mehr von RA-42379)
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11 "Russian Falcons" aerobatic team performs demo flight at Russian Expo Arms - 2009.
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RA-65970 It was just amazing flying with a Tu-134, inflight DME-GOJ on flight U9 002 (mehr von RA-65970)
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"Strizhi" (swifts) demo team in action
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YL-BAR On our way from Riga to St.Petersburg, and yes on the right you can see crashed AF 343 in a russian newspaper, check it out :) (mehr von YL-BAR)
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RA-75927 Soviet C3 was turboprop... (mehr von RA-75927)
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G-VSHY A very wide angle overview of Virgin's rather small but comfortable Premium Economy cabin. Taken while en route from LHR to NRT over Eastern Russia just after the sun had popped up from the horizon. I love this lens!... [Canon 300D, 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye] (mehr von G-VSHY)
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G-VSHY A very wide angle shot of Virgin's Economy cabin. Photographed after taking (what seemed like) a five mile walk down to the rear of the aircraft :-P [Canon 300D, 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye] (mehr von G-VSHY)
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N119UA (cn/fn 28812/1207, del. 0399) Beautiful view of snow covered mountains in Siberia. Almost 10 hours after take-off . UA895 (Chicago-Hong Kong) is on airway G491 heading for the next checkpoint at Sulok with another five hours ahead to Hong Kong. The snow covered mountains just seem to go on forever. This really makes you want to go skiing! (mehr von N119UA)
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OE-LBB approaching Moscow-SVO, note the typical russian "datscha"-cottages below. The dust was produced by heavy wildfires in the Moscow area. (mehr von OE-LBB)