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TC-AGL I actually never thought AtlasGlobal would send an A330 on the Antalya-charter to Linz, therefore I was positively surprised when this beauty arrived on that saturday. Operating the holiday flight for Cordenon Airlines. (mehr von TC-AGL)
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EC-LZO A very elegant looking widebody is leaving Linz on a ferry flight to Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. This 767 was built in 1995. Its first operator was LOT Polish Airlines followed by Universal Airlines, Air Calin and Ansett Worldwide. Since December 2013 this widebody has been in service for Privilege Style and is named 'Eduardo Barreiros'. Completed a single charter flight from Santiago de Compostela/Galicia (PVG 6871) on this day. (mehr von EC-LZO)
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OK-TVL Arriving LNZ ferry from Warsaw-Chopin Intl. During the springtime SmartWings operates weekly charter flights between Linz and Funchal/Madeira Island. If you look closer to the tail, you can still see the basics of the aircraft's former special paint advertising the Moravian-Silesian Region. OK-TVL also flew for Sunwing Airlines (Canada) and SpiceJet (India). (mehr von OK-TVL)
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OE-LBL 'The Ausseerland' (a region in northern Styria with many beautiful lakes) on arrival from Rhodes Island/Greece as summer charter flight OS 91448. (mehr von OE-LBL)
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G-FDZZ Entering parking position 11 after landing from London-Gatwick Intl. The third TUI 737 for Linz Airport on this day. (mehr von G-FDZZ)
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OE-LBT Having a closer look to this beautiful Airbus that has just arrived from Crete-Chania via Graz (OS 9069). (mehr von OE-LBT)
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G-TAWH Taxiing in after arrival from Newcastle. (mehr von G-TAWH)
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SX-DIZ 'Maja' (built in 1991) starting its way to the departure runway on a ferry flight to Thessaloniki-Makedonia. (mehr von SX-DIZ)
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G-FBEH Engine startup for its flight back home to Birmingham Intl. (mehr von G-FBEH)
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EC-MUB Arrived ferry from Palma de Mallorca to operate a morning charter flight from Linz to Bilbao/Spain (AP5751). (mehr von EC-MUB)
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TC-ATR This Airbus A321 was built in 2001 and has already been in service for several airlines including Volare Airlines (I-PEKM), Cyprus Turkish Airlines - KTHY (TC-KTC), Aigle Azur (F-HCAI) and Atlasjet (current registration). (mehr von TC-ATR)
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G-TAWC A clear blue sky for a blue coloured aircraft. Departing Linz for Newcastle. (mehr von G-TAWC)
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I-ADJP Schedule EN 8041 departing Linz for Frankfurt/Main Intl. via 26. (mehr von I-ADJP)
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LN-RGG 'Asgerd Viking' on flight SK 7882 is taxiing to the active for departure to Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. (mehr von LN-RGG)
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OK-TSR Awaiting its next flights that will lead to the Greek cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. (mehr von OK-TSR)
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TC-ATR Holiday flight XC 3205 entering its parking position after arrival from sunny Antalya Intl. Operating this flight for Corendon Airlines. (mehr von TC-ATR)
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SE-DSZ Face to face with one of my favourite aircraft. It is a great pleasure to see the Jumbolinos flying in a regular civil service. Operating a charter flight to Malmo and Gothenburg (SCW14P). (mehr von SE-DSZ)
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SU-GDB Nice to see this beautiful Egyptian bird on a night charter flight from Linz to Sharm El Sheikh Intl. (MS 3020). (mehr von SU-GDB)
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LX-PCB Flight JFA11A to Gloucester making its way to the departure runway. (mehr von LX-PCB)
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I-ADJN Schedule EN 8041 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. In the spring and summer time this service is usually operated by Air Dolomiti. (mehr von I-ADJN)