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ER-BBB Taxiing out to runway 26 on a cargo flight to Paris-Vatry Chalons (F5 9996). (mehr von ER-BBB)
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ER-BBB Originally delivered for Air Canada (C-GAGN) in 1991 this heavy airliner has mainly flown as a freighter for several airlines including Air China Cargo (B-2478), ACT Airlines/Saudi Arabian Airlines (TC-ACT), ACG Air Cargo Global (PM-ACJ) and its current operator Aerotranscargo. (mehr von ER-BBB)
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8T-CB I love those nice propeller condensations on this heavy cargo aircraft. (mehr von 8T-CB)
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9H-SUN Lifting off the runway into a snowy sky on its nonstop flight to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Intl. Airport/Kolkata. (mehr von 9H-SUN)
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EW-556TQ 'Princess Kristina - The COVID-19-fighter' completing morning cargo flight RSB 4723 from Karaganda Sary-Arka/Kazakhstan. Built in 1991 for China Airlines (B-163) this 747 was also in service for Air Cargo Germany (D-ACGA) and Air Cargo Global (OM-ACG). (mehr von EW-556TQ)
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9H-TAJ Arriving to LNZ after a nonstop-flight from Shanghai-Pudong Intl. (mehr von 9H-TAJ)
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TC-JDO This beautiful long-hauler is called 'Meric' - the river on the border between Turkey and Greece in the North of the country. There is also a city wearing the same name. (mehr von TC-JDO)
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EC-NHM Wamos Air A330 on a cold and dark stop for a few days between its services to Shanghai-Pudong Intl. Airport. The deactivated flood light next to me gives a very interesting contrast to the aircraft. (mehr von EC-NHM)
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9H-SUN A colourful de-icing service for this heavy A340 under freezing weather conditions. (mehr von 9H-SUN)
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VQ-BKG Making its way to the active on a flight to Yekaterinburg-Koltsovo Intl. (U6 3812). (mehr von VQ-BKG)


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TC-JDP Heavy Cargo-Airbus starting its engines. Named after river 'Euphrat' that is called 'Firat' in the Turkish language. (mehr von TC-JDP)
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9H-SUN The first time an Airbus A340-300 visits Linz Airport. This beauty arrived nonstop from Shanghai-Pudong Intl. a view hours before. (mehr von 9H-SUN)
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D-ACLG De-icing service before engine startup. Cargo schedule QY 4027 to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von D-ACLG)
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9H-TAJ Resting on the apron prior to its flight to Shanghai-Pudong Intl. (mehr von 9H-TAJ)
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LZ-CGU Cargo schedule QY 5201 to Brussels-Zaventem Intl. (mehr von LZ-CGU)
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SX-AMJ Ex American Airlines (N660AM, delivered in 1992). In service for Olympus Airways since December 2019. This is the first time for this greek airline to operate the cargo schedule 6Y 4026/7 LEJ-LNZ-LEJ. (mehr von SX-AMJ)
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EC-NHM Just arrived to its parking stand after a nonstop long-haul flight from Pudong Intl. Airport/Shanghai as flight PLM 927. (mehr von EC-NHM)
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TC-LJS The big boy starting his engines for a night flight back home to Istanbul Intl. (mehr von TC-LJS)