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OO-MAX About to continue its way home after picking up some extra fuel along the way from the Cabo Verde islands to Brussels. (mehr von OO-MAX)
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EC-NGP Approaching Rwy 03L in the early evening, promoting Fuerteventura with a little sticker on the nose. (mehr von EC-NGP)
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T.23-04 Approaching Rwy 03R in the early evening sunshine. (mehr von T.23-04)
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EC-MSK Taxiing towards Rwy 03R for another inter-island departure while a pair of Spanish Air Force EF-18s makes some noise on said runway. (mehr von EC-MSK)
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SE-ROI "Torborg Viking", about to line up on Rwy 03L for its flight back home to Scandinavia. (mehr von SE-ROI)
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LX-LGS Approaching Rwy 03L with Gando Airbase visible lower in the frame. (mehr von LX-LGS)
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G-TUII Another rather bleak-looking TUI Dreamliner on its way back "home" to Scandinavia, operating a flight on behalf of TUIfly Nordic. (mehr von G-TUII)
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EC-MIH Approaching Rwy 03L on its flight from Madrid. Named after the great Spanish entertainer Julio Iglesias. (mehr von EC-MIH)
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9H-VUE Approaching Rwy 03L, operating a Ryanair flight. One of the few B737 MAX 8 painted in this nice scheme. (mehr von 9H-VUE)
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9H-LOY Approaching Rwy 03L in the morning. Formerly OE-LOY with Lauda and A7-ADI with Qatar Airways. (mehr von 9H-LOY)
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OY-VKF One of Sunclass' old former Thomas Cook workhorses, arriving onto Rwy 03L. (mehr von OY-VKF)
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D-ABOB Approaching Rwy 03L in its hybrid paint scheme - a really old Thomas-Cook-inspired blue and white paint job together with the logos re-introduced in 2019. (mehr von D-ABOB)
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SE-ROH Approaching Rwy 03L in the late afternoon. Named "Hallbera Viking". (mehr von SE-ROH)
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G-TUIF Approaching Rwy 03L operating on behalf of TUIfly Nordic and looking rather worn out, mainly due to the long storage in 2020. Allegedly due to become D-ADLB with TUIfly Germany, but ntu so far. (mehr von G-TUIF)
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D-ABOK Approaching Rwy 03L in what was the current paint scheme at the time. (mehr von D-ABOK)
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D-AMAX Approaching Rwy 03L on a flight from somewhere in Germany. Delivered to TUIfly in June 2021. (mehr von D-AMAX)
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EI-EBC Approaching Rwy 03L as one of the many Ryanair flights every day. (mehr von EI-EBC)