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D-ALTB Leaving Shanwick OCA on our way to DUS (mehr von D-ALTB)
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D-ALPA After lift-off from DUS we make a turn to the west above Oberhausen. Destination is MIA. Gasometer and A42 can clearly be seen from up here. (mehr von D-ALPA)
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D-ALPF Last landing of a plane in LTU-c/s at DUS after more than 50 years - now this livery is history. Goodbye, LTU! (mehr von D-ALPF)
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D-ALPF nice to have the old LTU colors together with AB A330 (mehr von D-ALPF)
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D-ALPD View from my seat 49A during flight LT 9002 from Dusseldorf to Berlin Tempelhof. One hour later we landed as the largest commercial and civil aircraft in THF ever. Meanwhile Tempelhof is closed and the tradition logo will more than 50 year after the foundation of LTU have disappeared soon. (mehr von D-ALPD)
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D-ALPC Rush hour at DUS! Air Berlin A332 D-ALPC after pushback, in the background an Air Berlin B737-700, a Turkish Airlines B737-800, a Bremenfly B737-400 and a landing Lufthansa A319! (mehr von D-ALPC)
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D-AERU Sorry for bad quality due to scan from very old paperprint. Picture taken by my father. (mehr von D-AERU)