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SE-DTC Already a rare guest in HAJ, Scan from slide (mehr von SE-DTC)
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D-AERI Romeo-India` taxies to position at terminal C with the characteristic tower and the lower old observation deck in the background. By this time, the lower deck accomodation / bar inside the Tristar had been removed, also the additional protection shield behind the front wheel doors. D-AERI caught fire during maintenance inside hangar 8 and was destroyed by the spreading fire outside the LTU-hangar on June, 21th 1991. (mehr von D-AERI)
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D-AERI Romeo-India on final aproach to runway 24, today runway 23L, on a sunny spring evening, only a few weeks after delivery from Pacific Southwest Airlines. Clearly visible is the additional protection behind the front wheel doors. All three ex PSA Tristars, D-AERE, D-AERI and D-AERU were delivered to LTU with a bar in the lower deck. Sadly, On June, 27th 1991 Romeo-India caught fire inside hangar 8 during maintenance and was destroyed by the fire finally outside. (mehr von D-AERI)
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D-AERE In 1977 LTU bought three Tristars series 1 from Pacific Southwest Airlines. D-AERE was the first one, followed by D-AERI and D-AERU. All three aircraft retained the PSA lower deck passenger accomodation / bar inclusive a foldable passenger stair. The FAA required modifications you can see behind the nosewheel doors. Photo was taken during "photo and film safari" in summer 1978. (mehr von D-AERE)
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N316EA Aircraft leased from Eastern Airlines and later registered as VR-HOB to Cathay Pacific and as C-GTSY to Air Transat. (mehr von N316EA)
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9L-LDE Aviation museum of Tehran. Sorry for bad weather conditions. (mehr von 9L-LDE)
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