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6V-ONE What a rare caught in these latitudes! I had once the luck to see Senegal 001 at Perpignan during maintenance. "Pointe Sarene" seen here reversing after a long flight from Seoul via Nowosibirsk! (mehr von 6V-ONE)
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Rocketing out of Luxembourg, spending a nice view down to the passenger terminal with a few Luxair planes having just arrived from serveral charter-flights to southern Europe.
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D-AIKH LH425 taxiing to its stand on a clear November morning to complete the Boston service (mehr von D-AIKH)
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20-1102 Waving the German and Japanese flag after arrival at Munich for the G7-summit 2015. (mehr von 20-1102)
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A7-BCO I think the police is just becoming a little bit richer. They stopped a car driving too fast out of the terminals... Tzz, could have become expensive here in Germany... ;) (mehr von A7-BCO)