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5B-DDB (c/n 11561) TUS is planning replacement of its Fokker fleet, so most likely this F70 is waiting for a new operator. (mehr von 5B-DDB)
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PH-ADO (c/n 15129) After the demise of Adria, two of their CRJ's were transferred to Maastricht and taken up in the PH-register. This is ex S5-AAL. (mehr von PH-ADO)
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G-CKZO Former SAS OY-KFI, apparently being prepared for its new operator. Note the small Irish flag. (mehr von G-CKZO)
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G-CKZO (c/n 15242) ex OY-KFI with SAS. Now waiting for a new operator. (mehr von G-CKZO)