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D-ABVU 'Bayern' performing a special charter flight as DLH342 to Beijing with the FC Bayern Mnchen on board for their Asia Tour. note the additional applied sticker 'Together we win' for this tour. taxiing on Sierra for departure on runway 08R some minutes before sunset (mehr von D-ABVU)
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73-1677 SKIP22 with the United States Secretary of Defense Mr. Ashton Carter on board leaving Nuremberg for the very first time after visiting the U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr (mehr von 73-1677)
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9K-ANA welcome back to Munich. after years of not serving Munich, Kuwait Airways is back in Bavaria. KAC174 seen for the first time on Sierra 5 (mehr von 9K-ANA)
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D-ALCN GEC8499 enroute from Mumbai to Frankfurt approaching runway 08R for a short fuel stop (mehr von D-ALCN)
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