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G-EZUI after chasing this plane so long I finally managed to catch it although it was unexpected for me (mehr von G-EZUI)
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OM-GTA operating for Germania as ST1748 to Pristina. first appearance at Munich (mehr von OM-GTA)
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9A-BTE operating for Croatia inbound from Split as OU4438 with Oman Royal Flight B747SP A4O-SO behind (mehr von 9A-BTE)
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D-ABMJ seen here short after flight BER331K, but now ready as BER332K for a second test flight 15 minutes after landing and waiting on the taxiway (mehr von D-ABMJ)
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D-ABMJ approaching rwy 26R as BER331K after a short test flight of about 20 minutes. will be B-1903 (mehr von D-ABMJ)
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B-6411 this ACJ belonging to Yalian Business Jet is a very rare guest in Europe (mehr von B-6411)