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EP-MMF IRM102 inbound from Tehran again saw a nice upgrade from the usual A310 (mehr von EP-MMF)
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A7-ALC first scheduled A350 flight into Munich. QTR57 just arrived inbound from Doha on runway 08L and now seen taxiing towards Terminal 1 (mehr von A7-ALC)
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LX-VCI CLX777 from Huntsville via Atlanta just arrived on runway 08R in the late evening light (mehr von LX-VCI)
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EZ-A777 rare sight in Munich, unfortunately in the typically autumn weather. departing back to Ashgabat out of runway 08R (mehr von EZ-A777)
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N273AY AAL716 from Philadelphia approaching runway 08L with two local spotter friends on board (mehr von N273AY)
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C-FNOG ACA846 inbound from Toronto on short finals for runway 08L with the cathedral of Freising as nice background (mehr von C-FNOG)
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EI-DEO EIN357 bound for Dublin is rotating runway 26R in the late evening light some minutes prior sunset (mehr von EI-DEO)
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CS-TFT operating flight VLG1816 inbound from Barcelona. seen in the late evening light on Sierra 6 (mehr von CS-TFT)
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YR-LCA nice upgrade for the usual A318/B737 mix. ROT311 just arrived from Bucharest Otopeni seen on taxiway Sierra 5 (mehr von YR-LCA)
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I-NDDL NOS8910F just arrived from Milan Malpensa to operate a charter flight to Lisbon the next day. seen here taxiing in the late evening light on Sierra 5 (mehr von I-NDDL)