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SE-DDT "Amund Viking" was delivered on March, 7th 1979 as the final of a total of 49 DC-9-41s deliverd new to SAS, and the 4th and last in natural metal colours. SE-DDT was withdrawn from service in January 2002 and she was scrapped at Roswell, New Mexico in 2003. The forward fuselage first was installed in a mall in Sunrise, Florida and after the closure in 2012 she moved again to a place somewhere in Texas. (mehr von SE-DDT)
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SE-DAM the good old niner-forty-one... here 'Starkad Viking' , with sisters OY-KGI, OY-KGM and SE-DOT (mehr von SE-DAM)
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A fully mainteined section of a former SK DC9 on display at the museum of Norwegian Aviation History in Bod�. Having flown many times on the Scandinavian DC9 as a child it was a nice nostalgic moment to step into the"Eurobussiness class"!
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OH-LNC another safe arrival close to the Arctic Circle (mehr von OH-LNC)
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