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64-0829 On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This Phantom is painted to represent “Scat XXVII”, the 8th TFW aircraft in which Col. Robin Olds flying as Tampa Lead on MiG CAP shot down two MiG-17s using a Sparrow and a Sidewinder near Bac Giang in northeast Vietnam on May 20, 1967. The left splitter vane carries two red stars. (mehr von 64-0829)


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64-0770 (SJ) Nice F-4C Phantom on display out front of the Fourth Wing Headquarters building. (mehr von 64-0770)
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63-7699 Midland Air Museum. On the left intake splitter plate there is a red star. This means a MiG-17 kill on 14th May 1967 (mehr von 63-7699)
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64-0851 take-off at the new Reef Runway. HiANG operated F-4C of the 157.TFG that time. (mehr von 64-0851)