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LX-N90450 Coming along for a low approach with go around. Phantastic view. (mehr von LX-N90450)
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LX-N90454 Did a low pass with two F-16 fighters on the Belgian Air Force Days. (mehr von LX-N90454)
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08-0002 The highlight of the year is leaving FMO to its next destination! (mehr von 08-0002)
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LX-N90446 good bye ILA 2014 (mehr von LX-N90446)
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LX-N90451 An unforgettable moment at the Real Thaw Exercise Spotters Day: a NATO AWACS performing a touch n'go with four Spangdahlem based A-10's breaking formation about 1000 feet above... this was the last ever exercise for 81st Fighter Squadron before the unit's disbandment. (mehr von LX-N90451)