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68-0136 Quite surprised to see this and three others at Las Vegas McArran airport (mehr von 68-0136)
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65-10376 (HO) Black Talon used to train F-117 fighter pilots. (mehr von 65-10376)
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66-4335 (VN) Vance AFB T-38 Talon rolling in for parking. The pilots are looking at me. (mehr von 66-4335)
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65-10412 (XL) T-38A Trainer "Red Bulls" Built in 1965. 47th FTW based at Laughlin Air Force Base. T-38 68-8192 is next to her sister. (mehr von 65-10412)
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66-4332 (BB) Rare T-38 companion trainer assigned to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing Beale AFB, California which is the home of the USAF's U-2 spyplane operations. The colors of the T-38 reflect what is used on the U-2s. The U-2 pilots use the T-38 as companion trainers- to maintain proficiency, flight hours, currency, etc., without having to take a U-2 out of operation service. (mehr von 66-4332)
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68-0136 (RA) Talon based at Randolph AFB in San Antonio. [Nikon D70 / ISO200 - f5.6 for 1/500th at 150mm] (mehr von 68-0136)
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70-1571 (VN) I really like this paint job on this Vance T-38. (mehr von 70-1571)
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64-13301 (BB) A nice and very shiny T-38 belonging to Beale Air Force Base. (mehr von 64-13301)
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65-10325 (ED) T-38A displayed at the Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins AFB GA (mehr von 65-10325)
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70-1571 (VN) This USAF T-38 is from Vance Air Force Base. (mehr von 70-1571)
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2601 The old Talon at the Alverca Air Museum
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2601 The old Talon at the Alverca Air Museum