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N602PR Stored here since 1995. The aircraft look`s like a giant glider without the engines (mehr von N602PR)
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N602PR Former N602US. Stored here since 1995. Check out the Evergreen Airlines and Air India door.... (mehr von N602PR)
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N611US During heydays of NW operations in HAM in early 1980s. Early production 747-200B in September 1970. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von N611US)
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N612US Wingtip to wingtip taxying to the stand, a common sight at FRA. (mehr von N612US)
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N802NW 2 NWA A330 that day ,great Plane but i will miss the DC10 that will be replace by the A330 (mehr von N802NW)
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N474US. Built 1965. S/N 18944. Located at Alexandria, MN at the tech college. (mehr von N474US)