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D-HDAC c/n 7005, in the background D-HBYA... (mehr von D-HDAC)
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D-OBDD c/n 915. Heating the air in the balloon for lift-off. The balloon leans in the strong wind. The D-OVTS-crew stopped inflating their balloon. (mehr von D-OBDD)
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D-OBDD c/n 915. Two crews (the second at D-OVTS) try to get going in a strong wind. (mehr von D-OBDD)
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D-BAKJ The travelling exhibit by TUI travel agency on display at the Altmarkt square in Dresden. Note the inflated wings and tail. The shape of the tail resembles the tail of a IL-14, which was produced in Dresden! The identity of the fuselage is confirmed by looking at picture #398540 by Dennis Knneker that shows the registration in the upper right corner of the instrument board. C/n is 10179 and is a former WDL aircraft. (mehr von D-BAKJ)