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DHL ramp overview at 05:00am. The sun is rising and the ramp is already quite empty. Visible are rotating BlueBird B733F, 3 AeroLogics, one DHL A300, 2 Swiftair B733Fs and 2 RAF-Avia An-26s in front of the wonderful skyline of Leipzig.
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G-GEMM c/n 1138. ex N241CD. Built in 2001. (mehr von G-GEMM)
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D-ABBJ first pax departure of the day at 05:30am to PMI. A few minutes to early because it was scheduled 06:00am and pax operations are only allowed from 06:00am. (mehr von D-ABBJ)
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OE-LGD parked on the GAT apron besides Augsburg Airways' D-ADHB. It will leave about an hour later to VIE via DRS, the Lufthansa to MUC. (mehr von OE-LGD)
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N741WA Can you hear her shouting: 'I'm damn cold. Gimme something to do!' ;) (mehr von N741WA)
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D-AICC burning some rubber after her flight from AYT (mehr von D-AICC)