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OO-FPB c/n 550-1117. Note the Martinair B763 on final for runway 08 in the background, tha biggest special Charter flight that day, naturally arriving from AMS with a bunch of Oranje Football fans. (mehr von OO-FPB)
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D-AEWE This one is arriving from FRA in the early morning sun at arround 8 am. This day was a very special one at LEJ, there was the FIFA Footbal match between Holland and Serbia. At this time I dind't know what enormious traffic I will see that day... (mehr von D-AEWE)
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YU-BTT Wow, take a look at all the people at the visitors hill in the background, they all wanted to take a look at the special charter flights for the FIFA Football match Holland vs. Serbia. (mehr von YU-BTT)
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D-AEWE This one arrived from FRA a few moments ago. Note the 2 Transavia Boeings in the background, which are lining up runway 08 for their flight back to AMS. I saw them again here a few hours later with another bunch of Oranje Football fans for the match Holland vs. Serbia. (mehr von D-AEWE)
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D-ANFI The pilots are looking towards me white taxing to the runway for takeoff to DUS. 5 Minutes later the aircraft returned to LEJ for an unknown reason. Surely nothing serious, she took off to DUS with 2 hours delay again. (mehr von D-ANFI)
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D-AKNJ 'City of Athens' is taxing by for takeoff to CGN (mehr von D-AKNJ)
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F-GRHL shortly before landing at CDG (mehr von F-GRHL)
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N17NC c/n 318. ex N308GA, N300L, (N300LF ntu), (XA-Ö ntu), N70050, N150GX, N150QX, N150RK and N500WW. (mehr von N17NC)