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N877MG one of the 18 visitors for the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift event ! (mehr von N877MG)
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N877MG Berlin Airlift 70th anniversary - the return of the candy bombers (mehr von N877MG)
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N877MG Arriving from Caen where it participated in the 75th anniversary celebrations of D-Day, this classic Dakota will now take part in the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. (mehr von N877MG)
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N749PA Clipper "The Dashing Wave", For me this was one of THE airlines ever. Paperprintscan. New in db. (mehr von N749PA)
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N741PA "Clipper Sparking Wave" one moment before touchdown at Osaka-Itami. After 20 years of operational service for Pan Am, N747PA was converted to B.747SF standard and reregistered as N831FT, flying for Polar Air Cargo. (mehr von N741PA)
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N881PA "Clipper Reindeer" at the age of eight in front of Terminal A, which was under construction at this time. In 1983/84 N881PA was leased by Global International and in 1985 the former ` clipper´ was transferred to the US Air Force for the reengine-program of their KC-135A´s and dismantled at Davis Monthan AFB-Arizona. (mehr von N881PA)
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N510PA "Clipper George T. Baker" airborne for the first time two months earlier, here on his way for take off runway 26 at Orly. N510PA was operated by Pan Am for approximately 5 years, then traded in for B.747-100´s from United Airlines. who in turn sold him to Delta Airlines in June 1988, registered as N760DH and flown until retirement at Victorville in 1999. (mehr von N510PA)
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N529PA "Clipper America" minutes before his departure as Clipper 001 to New York via London-Heathrow. In the winterseason 1983/84 Pan American operated this daily schedule with B.747SPs and the few B.747s series -200 from Dusseldorf to JFK. N529PA was the cuckoo's egg in the 11 plane strong B.747SP-fleet, the only one, which was origanally buildt for Braniff as N606BN and which was operated only for around two years in Pan American colours until it was traded in together with his ten brotherships for B.747-100s from United Airlines. (mehr von N529PA)
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