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VT-JWR Fog has lifted and lots of condensation noticeable over the wing ! (mehr von VT-JWR)
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PH-KCD The second KLM MD11 farewell flight approaching his stand again while taxiing near the 'Pelikaanweg'. The cockpit showing both a KLM and a McDonnell Douglas flag! (mehr von PH-KCD)
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PH-TFK OR061F arriving runway 25L for maintenance at Jetairport ! (mehr von PH-TFK)
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OO-JBV New Europcar logojet for Kulula! Former Jetairfly OO-JBV and to become ZS-ZWT. Arriving as JAF432P from Ostrava. (mehr von OO-JBV)
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B-2472 The president of China arriving on runway 25R as CCA002 from Dusseldorf, escorted by 2 F16's. (mehr von B-2472)
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OO-JDL A historical day ! Jetairfly's first B787-800, nicknamed Diamond, performing a demoflight over Belgium. Seen here making a low approach in Liege. (mehr von OO-JDL)


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OO-JDL The dreamliner is home ! Showing his beauty in front of the new Jetairfly building, Jetairport. Arrived as JAF787 from KPAE. (mehr von OO-JDL)
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OO-SND Special Belgian Red Devils decals. And yes we did it ! :-) (mehr von OO-SND)
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OO-SFU In total Brussels Airlines operated 140 flights to bring 8000 people from all over the world to Tomorrowland ! OO-SFU is the 2nd A330 to wear specials decals promoting Tomorrowland. Leaving at 12h10LT as BEL465 to Kigali. (mehr von OO-SFU)
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OH-LQD First upgrade on FIN811 is the special Marimekko "Unikko" Livery ! Arriving as FIN81N for runway 25L. (mehr von OH-LQD)
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