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G-ESKY c/n 27-4172. ex N6832Y and G-BBNN. Built in 1969. (mehr von G-ESKY)
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OY-BEF c/n 27-7654185. ex N62734 and LN-LAX. (mehr von OY-BEF)
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VH-CUW c/n 27-4326. ex N6961Y. Built in 1969. (mehr von VH-CUW)
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EC-AZV c/n 27-2846. Built in 1965. ex N10F and N5762Y. (mehr von EC-AZV)
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EC-BBZ c/n 27-2938. ex N5805Y. Built in 1965. (mehr von EC-BBZ)
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N41JN c/n 27-7654149. ex N62694 and N71CF. (mehr von N41JN)
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N62711 c/n 27-7654165. Yep, this one really bought the farm this time!! It crashed at Isla Grande. The pilot blamed ATC. Made also a crash landing in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) on 15 February 1995 at 18:56. The flight encountered unforecasted icing as it approached its original destination. The pilot stated the airplane's windshield de-icing plate was not able to clear the ice from its surface. The entire windshield was ice covered. The pilot decided to fly to his alternate airport because it had better instrument approach facilities. During his second instrument approach, he was guided to a landing by FAA air traffic control personnel located next to the rwy. The airplane firmly contacted the rwy at touchdown. During the landing roll the left main gear collapsed and the airplane collided with taxiway signs and rwy edge lights. The on-scene investigation revealed about 1 1/2 inches of ice on the windshield. Shortly after the airplane came to a stop, the windshield de-icing plate area was clear. The unbooted areas of the airplane's wings had 2 to 2 1/2 inches of ice on them. (NTSB CHI95LA086) (mehr von N62711)
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G-BNUV c/n 27-7854038. ex N63894 and N97BB. Built in 1978. (mehr von G-BNUV)
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OH-PEO c/n 27-2104. ex SE-ECO. Built in 1962. (mehr von OH-PEO)
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EC-GGF c/n 27-4810. ex EC-800 < E.19-4 < N14240. Built in 1972. (mehr von EC-GGF)
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G-BCRP c/n 27-7305082. ex N40269. Nearly 30 years old and still going strong doing Adhoc charters along with their EMB110. (mehr von G-BCRP)
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F-BOHI c/n 27-319. ex N4773P and CN-TTX. Built in 1961. (mehr von F-BOHI)
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EC-GGF c/n 27-4810. ex EC-800 < E.19-4 < N14240. Built in 1972. Cockpit view. (mehr von EC-GGF)
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9H-ABM c/n 27-4757. ex N9700N, N14210 and G-BFII. Written off on 8 February 1992 in Luqa. (mehr von 9H-ABM)
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N64NC c/n 27-2763. ex 5B-CAH, N5648Y, G-BDAV. (mehr von N64NC)
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N64NC N64NC Seen enter to nca for some days (mehr von N64NC)
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TG-BAS Las Lagrimas is a military border control station with an unpaved airstrip. It is used by private and small charter aircrafts because it lies just 15km sw of the Maya ruins of Copan (Honduras). (mehr von TG-BAS)
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N139DB c/n 27-4611. ex N13992 and G-AYUL. Built in 1971. (mehr von N139DB)
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VH-PTZ This shot took me about 5 minutes to get- i was holding the camera above my head. Oh well, sore arms, good photo. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-PTZ)
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VH-PTZ The cockpit of an Aztec. Lots of room. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-PTZ)
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VH-PTZ Low head-on shot. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-PTZ)
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VH-PTZ The Aztec is surprisingly huge when up close. This one looks like it has been many places. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-PTZ)