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SP-LIG Early in the morning at sunrise, On final approach to runway 21, it was one of the many aircraft with delegations that arrived to Israel from over the world to participate in the funeral of the former President of Israe Mr. Shimon Peres RIP. This aircraft was arrived with the delegation from Poland. (mehr von SP-LIG)
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SP-LIH Some special flights came to ERF, because of a meeting of the polish, german and french foreign secretary called "Weimarer Dreieck" at the castle "Ettersburg" near Weimar. (mehr von SP-LIH)
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SP-LIH The Polish president Andrzej Duda arrived on this plane. He is taking part at the annual meeting of the Arraiolos group at the Wartburg this year! (mehr von SP-LIH)
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SP-LIH 11 presidents of 11 countries had a meeting at the castle "Wartburg" near Eisenach and in Erfurt. On board was the polish president. (mehr von SP-LIH)