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CS-PBP Portugal Air Show - Cockpit view of this glider. (mehr von CS-PBP)
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HB-IRJ On the far left is the TRIM wheel (Nose up/down). Then we have the PROP pitch controls (increase PROP RPMS). In the middle we have the POWER throttles. On the right we have the MIXTURE controls. Congratulations to Captain Francisco Agullo and my friend Hans, and all his team, for their amazing work! Thank you so much for your help and support on this lifetime experience! :) (mehr von HB-IRJ)
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CS-TTP Nice cloud formation on our way to Madrid Barajas. (mehr von CS-TTP)
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CS-TTK TP1582 climbs the sky towards Oporto early in the morning. Notice the gear up how soon it was after take-off. (mehr von CS-TTK)
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CS-TOK TP148 inbound from Caracas on final approach and landing on runway 05. 90 seconds bulb exposure. (mehr von CS-TOK)
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G-CEAC I do miss those reverses' magic... (mehr von G-CEAC)
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D-AERF Floating over runway 05, seconds away from touch-down. (mehr von D-AERF)
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F-GYOL Christmas surprise:) Aligning for take off on rwy 05. Take a look at the jet blast reflected on the sea. EOS 300D (mehr von F-GYOL)
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94001 [MAKS 2007] Is this a take-off or touch down? It's hard to judge only by the image, isn't it? This is the first prototype, of only two produced, of this type performing a nose up landing during the air show. The TU-334 program was cancelled in 2009, this is the reason why this photo is really exotic to me. (mehr von 94001)
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EC-HGR Aboard Iberia's A319 back to Madrid and upon take-off the aircraft banked right, providing me this clear overview of Alicante's airport. (mehr von EC-HGR)
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CS-TMW Captured on April the first... shortly after take-off from Lisbon, runway 03, but this is not a fool's day joke :) (mehr von CS-TMW)
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CS-TPF 21F view enroute to Madrid, Barajas airport. (mehr von CS-TPF)
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CS-TOA Smooth and stylish touch-down at Lisbon, from Luanda, Angola. Notice the smoke, the reverse thrust already deployed and the from nose gear yet on the air. To uncle Jorge who was aboard. (mehr von CS-TOA)
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CS-TOJ 7:07AM, local time. The stop-over in Madeira was a bit longer than expected and I managed to catch this bird in dawn light, on its way to Lisbon, from Caracas, Venezuela. (mehr von CS-TOJ)
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ZS-SMJ The sun was minutes away of appearing in the horizon, and this cargo was already heading Madeira Island. (mehr von ZS-SMJ)
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N150D [EAA Air venture 2010] About to touch down at Oshkosh as part of the 'Last Time' gathering to mark the 75th anniversary of the DC3. On the background another DC-3 taxies to the appron. Also visible dozens of worldwide renown Oshkosh trucks. (mehr von N150D)
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C-FWUV Countless aircraft parked here during this week, due to lack of space in Oshkosh, during the Air Venture 2010. (mehr von C-FWUV)
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D-ABOK Welcome back to Madeira C4TO and Machiqueira :) (mehr von D-ABOK)
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D2-TEB 4 years ago, while boarding CS-TOA bound to Lisbon. This bird is now stored, without engines, in South Africa :( (mehr von D2-TEB)
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CS-TRH 06:05AM, local time. Getting off your bed early in the morning some times pays off :) To my friend Carlos Pedroso :) (mehr von CS-TRH)